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Kegel Balls

Ben Wa Balls and Love Balls are one of the oldest types of women's sex toys. These toys can range in size from smaller glass balls to larger balls with a small bead inside them for added stimulation. There are even vibrating love balls that are connected to a small remote control for ease of use. Originally designed to be placed in the vagina to increase sexual pleasure during sex Ben Wa Balls have the added benefit of strengthening the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. Because of this they are often recommended by professionals for muscle training. Strong PC muscles can aid in a more comfortable childbirth and in bladder control. Many women start with larger balls and move to smaller ones as their muscles get stronger. It's orgasmic exercise!
Pull Ring Rose Benwa BallsPull Ring Rose Benwa Balls Sale

Pull Ring Rose Benwa Balls

$1.40  $0.40
Save: 71% off
Min:  5
One Ball Benwa BallOne Ball Benwa Ball

One Ball Benwa Ball

Min:  10
Clover Silicone Single Love BallClover Silicone Single Love Ball Sale

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